Uses of Essential Oils

Uses of Essential Oils

Interest in the use of Essential Oils is enjoying a massive revival in the recent times. It is being noticed that modern and fast pace of life is harming our body. In addition to it, the amount of chemicals and additives being ingested by the body through foods, medications, environment amongst others is another source of harm caused to the human body.

The use of essential oils is a great way of reviving to a more natural lifestyle. Many essential oils have medicinal properties which have been used since ancient times. The term "essential" means that the oil is the fragrant extraction of the plant from which it is extracted. Contrary to the word "oil", most essential oils are not really oily feeling. They are highly concentrated in nature containing volatile aromatic compounds of the plant and therefore are very economical in use as little quantity goes a long way.

Aromatic intake of essential oils can help improve mood, eliminate stress, increase energy levels, boost immunity, and relieve pain. Beyond aromatherapy, essential oils can also be used topically to treat various conditions ranging from acne and allergies, to headaches and indigestion.

Just a few drops of essential oil applied to the hands, wrists, feet, abdomen, or lower back can provide relief for a number of ailments. There are conditions that many pregnant women suffer from such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, varicose veins and stretch marks, and in these instances, there are special formulas which are totally safe for use by pregnant and nursing mothers.Essential oils also find usage in making safe and gentle products for new born babies as well as children. Problems that can be treated include colic, diper rash, dry skin and diarrhea.Since they are fat soluble, essential oils pass easily through the skin into the bloodstream and surrounding tissue. In most cases, essential oils can be applied topically on or near areas where relief is needed.

Therefore essential oils find usage in a variety of everyday products such as candles, syrups, toothpastes,mouthwashes, cleaning products, skin creams, lip balms, shampoos, bath salts, and soaps to name a few. They are even known to give flavor and aroma to the spices that add zest to cooking, such as cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg used for apple cider, pies, and baked goods as well as for flavoring drinks. Many essential oils are also known to have antiseptic and are among nature's most powerful protectors against bacteria and other infectious organisms. For example Thyme oil contains a chemical called thymol which kills bacteria and fungus.

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