Scented with essential oils adorned with dried flowers, these wax tablets make up for a wonderful gift for your loved ones. These scented wax tablets are very easy to make with endless opportunities to customise and beautify. 

The base of these natural wax tablets is Bees wax along with essential oils. What I love is a handful of dried botanicals that turn these non toxic air fresheners into little pieces of art. 

What are Wax Tablets? 

A wax tablet is  a solid, natural air freshener made with soy wax or beeswax, dried flowers and essential oils. 

Unlike candles or wax melts, scented wax tablets don’t have to be heated. DIY wax tablets is a creative and unique option to deodorise small spaces such as closets and drawers.

Wax Tablets Materials and Tools required:

Wax Tablet Mould: These wax sachet silicone moulds have the perfect size for DIY wax tablets and come with little holes which are great for hanging. Alternatively, use other soft silicone moulds like a soap mould. 

Melting pot: You would need a double boiler to melt wax  

Beeswax: We have used 100% beeswax to make these scented tablets. This wax has wonderful scent and a beautiful, creamy appearance. Alternatively you can also use Soy wax or Candelilla wax to make vegan tablets

Essential oils: Essential oils lends wax tablets a rich, natural fragrance. You add a single essential oil or a blend to create a unique fragrance.

Decoration: For decorating wax tablets, we have used dried flowers but you can get creative and use dried fruits like dried citrus rounds, apple slices or whole spices like cinnamon sticks, star anise, cardamom pots and so much more. These can also be decorated with ribbons, seashells, glitter and so much more. 

How to make Scented Wax Tablets at home?

Wax tablets are hand poured into moulds and are allowed to harden creating beautiful scented wax tablets. They are made with 100% beeswax and pure essential oils in India which add to their efficacy and add therapeutic value. Each tablet is embossed with beautiful dried botanicals making it a piece of art.


200gms Beeswax 

3 drops Rose Essential oil 

4 drops Bergamot Essential oil 

4 drops Jasmine Essential oil 

Dried botanicals 


A double boiler is the best and easiest way to melt beeswax.Fill a saucepan with 2 inches of water and bring to a mild simmer. Put wax cubes in a heat resistant measuring cup and place in warm water bath. Stir occasionally to fasten the melting process.

Remove from heat, let it cool for a while and add essential oils. Stir well to combine essential oils in wax

Pour the wax in the silicone mould.

Decorating wax tablets with dried flowers is my favourite part. Make sure you decorate quickly otherwise the wax starts to harden and flowers will not stick

Let wax tablets harden at room temperature. This could take a few hours.

Once fully solid, remove from mould and string twine or ribbon through each wax tablet and tie a knot

Other Essential Oil Blends For Wax Tablets:

Floral Essential oil Blend:  

Lavender Essential oil 5 drops  

Geranium Essential oil 5 drops  

Mandarin Essential oil 3 drops  

Citrus Essential oil Blend:  

Jasmine Essential oil 5 drops  

Bergamot Essential oil 5 drops   

Orange essential oil 5 drops

How to use Scented Wax Tablets:

Wax Tablets refresh your home and impart a lovely aroma to your clothes. You can hang them in the entryway, tuck in drawers, cabinets and boxes of off-season clothes, or loop around a hanger in your closet.  

In order to avoid wax stains on fabric, wrap your wax sachet in tissues or a handkerchief before placing in a drawer or closet.

How long do these Wax Tablets last?

Wax tablets can last for a very long time but their fragrance fades with time. They can be simply left out in the open to freshen and scent the surroundings. It is important not to leaves them in direct sunlight otherwise their aroma will fade very soon. 

These are rich and delightfully scented wardrobe accessories you are sure to fall in love with.


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