Best Essential Oils To Promote Better Sleep

Best Essential Oils To Promote Better Sleep

A good night's sleep is like heaven for people who suffer from insomnia. Not only insomniac people but in general many people out there suffer from lack of sleep. This problem is evident as we see several youngsters these days struggling to sleep on time. With the modern-day pressure of work, home, and relationships, good sleep seems hard to come by your side.

The good news for you all is ready to sway. Natural methods to improve sleep may help here. There are a bunch of organic essential oils that are worth giving a shot at. These essential oils when used perfectly and right proportion will lead to a comfortable and cozy sleep.

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Essential oils are loaded with a variety of benefits for the body, skin, hair, and health. They are not only a powerhouse to boost your health but also help you land comfortably in dreamland while providing good sleep. All you need is a few drops of essential oil to fix your sleeping schedule. You can rub it on your wrist and back of the ear or simply use a tonic and spray it on your pillow cover for sound sleep. Either way, pure essential oils for improved sleep are going to be your partner for life.

Let's check out the best essential oils for improved sleep.

Pure Essential Oils For Improved Sleep

1. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang-ylang isn't a well-known option to many but this potent oil works like a charm for baby sleep. This magical oil is extracted from trees in Asia by steam distillation method and the properties are truly mind-blowing. Much like lavender oil, this oil lowers blood pressure and maintains your heart rate which contributes to good sleep.

Did you know ylang-ylang oil smells like a fruity oil which in itself is very calming and relaxing? Well, when breathed in this oil gives a very relaxing sensation and is easy on your nose. You can use ylang-ylang essential oil by rubbing it on your pillow cover. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the pure ylang-ylang oil from your trusted partner brand and go on to comforting sleep.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Widely known for its awe-inspiring benefits for skin, hair, and health, lavender oil tops the list when it comes to sleeping problems and stuff. A group of studies has revealed that lavender oil is a comforting one and fixes your sleep schedule like no one's business. This one-stop oil for all when inhaled gives relaxing benefits and keeps insomnia at bay. 

Looking at the wider picture, this beauty oil has amazing benefits including lowering blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. These factors affect the ease of sleep and lavender oil tackles it very genuinely. Lavender oil is also well-known for its anti-anxious and stress-relieving properties that ease your mind after a hectic long day schedule with n number of problems. This oil relaxes your mind like anything. Here's a simple DIY that might help with lack of sleep. In a spray rose water bottle add 4-5 drops of pure lavender essential oil. Spray this concoction whenever you go to sleep.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Not very famous for helping with improved sleep but, peppermint helps with kicking off the struggle with restlessness both internally and literally. The sweet and minty aroma of peppermint oil is truly a savior for people who suffer from a lack of sleep. It also contributes to curing symptoms of cold, cough, and flu as it has various anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

You just need a diffuser to aromatize your bedroom with the ever-satisfying aroma of peppermint essential oil. This fragrance will instantly relax your mood and kick off those nasal blockages trust us on that note that the sleep after this soothing session will be swift and satisfactory.

4. Chamomile Essential Oil

Looking for organic essential oil that specifically has soothing properties? Chamomile oil has got you covered. Chamomile essential oil has calming properties that instantly relax your mind from its sweet aroma. While you might not have heard about this beauty oil before, here is a quick journey about the oil and how it pacifies your mind. The direct effects of this oil include maintaining the temperature and anxiety but when distributed in the air it conciliates your mind and nerves with its sweet and subtle aroma.

The fresh and fruity fragrance of this oil bids farewell to stress and anxiety and contributes to improved sleep patterns and controls insomnia. You can prepare your tonic mist and spray it around your bedsheet and pillow for peaceful sleep. Just add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to the water and transfer it to a spray bottle. The results are truly evident with the best essential oils in India.

5. Sandalwood Oil

The highly gratifying and comforting scent of sandalwood oil is just like its price. Well, luxury comes with its benefits and so is the case with pure sandalwood oil. Sandalwood oil balances your mood and relaxes your mind which in turn helps in deep rest.

Your powerful sleep blends are incomplete without the dosage of organic sandalwood oil. Just add a few drops of this oil to yr herbal tea blends or you can also rub it around your wrist. Everything that has sandalwood makes it to peaceful sleep and a jolly mood.

6. Vetiver Essential Oil

Have you heard of vetiver and its jaw-dropping benefits for your body? Vetiver oil stays away from fancy aromas but that doesn't mean that it does not carry sheer benefits. The oil carries a fresh, herbal, and earthy smell which is soothing and pacifying for everyone. The results of this earthy oil are hard to argue as every one may not like it but, they will need it at the end of the day.

If you are someone who suffers from lack of sleep and keeps on dwelling on thoughts and negativity then this stuff is for you. Buy this pure vetiver oil from authentic bulk essential oil suppliers and diffuse it in the air. You will be mesmerized to see how quickly this great stuff melts away your concern and puts you in a calm state.

Essential Oil Recipes For Improved Sleep

It's hard to know which oil works most for improved sleep and which one works on a low level. Well, whatever the case is, we are presenting you with some note-worthy diffuser recipes for improved sleep.

These DIYS for improved sleep are not only a savior for insomniacs but are also a lucky charm for people in general. So, let's have a look at some best essential oil recipes for improved sleep.

Recipe 1 - Peaceful Sleep

  • For this easy recipe add 4 drops of lavender oil to a diffuser.
  • Add 3 drops of bergamot oil in the same.
  • Diffuse it in the air and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Why This Recipe?

The blend of powerful essential oil is said to have a soothing effect on your nervous system. These are perfect for peaceful sleep and to calm down anxiety.

Recipe 2 - Bedtime Posy

  • Are you confused listening to this blend?
  • Well, add 3 drops of ylang-ylang and 1 drop of lavender essential oil.
  • Also do not forget to add 2 drops of Roman Chamomile to the diffuser.
  • Enjoy the super floral yet calming aroma.

Why This Recipe?

For a calming bedtime blend, this fruity scent is all you need. The calming and pacifying properties of all three oils will put you to sleep in no time.

Recipe 3 - Sweet Dreams Mist

  • How about a relaxing mist to spray on your room and bed covers?
  • In a spray bottle add organic rose water.
  • Now add 4 drops of peppermint essential oil along with 4 drops of 3 drops of sandalwood oil.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Now spray this tonic mist on your room, bedsheet, cover, and pillow cover.
  • Make sure to do it just before you go to sleep.

Why This Recipe?

Let's not forget how calming and intensely soothing the fragrance these oils have. The blend of pure essential oil in rose water serves as an excellent pillow mist and is great for improved sleep patterns. 

Are Essential Oils Safe For Sleep?

From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that pure essential oils are safe for sleep and bedtime. The calming essential oils are pure and safe as compared to synthetic products that claim false information.

Essential oils are a natural and raw form of plant extracts. Most of them are extracted by steam distillation method which makes them pure and safe to use. You need to buy organic essential oils in India from a trusted source. Moksha Lifestyle is committed to serving its customers with high-quality and certified pure essential oils. Essential oils are easily available across India and our delivery partners deliver them safely to your doorstep.

Few Things To Consider While Using Essential Oil

  • Essential oils are only for external use and should never be ingested.
  • Store essential oils out of reach of children and store them apart from other products.
  • Some essential oils can be fatal to pets and therefore always research before using them.
  • Essential oils must ALWAYS be diluted before applying on the skin as they are highly concentrated and can cause irritation. You can dilute them with a carrier oil of your choice and the max concentration of essential oils should be 3-4%.
  • Always do a patch test before applying on larger areas of skin.
  • It is unclear what effects essential oils have on pregnant and breastfeeding women. While some consider them safe, many doctors advise pregnant women to avoid the use of essential oils.
  • Always buy pure essential oils and stay away from fake counterparts as they won't contain the same therapeutic benefits.


Bid farewell to those mid-day yawns and welcome deep sleep at night with the best essential oil diffuser recipes. It is finally time to opt for organic essential oils for improved sleep and a relaxed mind. A peaceful night's sleep isn't a very difficult process as it seems to be.

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You can opt for natural ways to improve your sleep like essential oils for better results. Taking help from nature's extracts is one of the best and most conspicuous things one should do.

FAQ Section

1. Can we diffuse essential oils all night?

Yes, you can turn it on for a night. But, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to use diffusers all night. One can set a timer and use the best essential oils blend in a diffuser to promote improved sleep patterns.

2. Where can I find authentic and pure essential oils in India?

At Moksha Lifestyle, you will find high-quality and standard-approved organic essential oils. You can buy the best essential oils in India in bulk from our supplier through our website. We are wholesale essential oil suppliers providing various essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, raw kinds of butter, and fragrance oils.

3. Which essential oil should I diffuse at bedtime?

It depends on your liking and what works best for you. We have listed the best essential oils for improved sleep above and you can choose from them. Stick to long-lasting aroma essential oils for a soothing sleep.

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