The Best Way To Treat Bug Bites - Basil Oil

The Best Way To Treat Bug Bites - Basil Oil

All the mosquitoes and bug bites that folks strongly dislike are present during the spring and autumn and even during the cooler months. In addition to being excruciating, bug bites furthermore present a chance of infection. Utilizing home remedies is one method of treating these insect bites. Yes, you heard it right. Essential oils particularly basil oil is a great addition to your routine for that instant relief from bed bugs.

We recently found that bed bugs can be very irritating. For someone who is very allergic to little things can actually harm their peace with these bed bugs. We can't control bed bugs from entering but, what we can do is we can control them from expanding. Essential oils are very helpful in this case.

Natural oils are well-known for their therapeutic properties as well as their ability to thwart flies. Essential Oils are natural substances derived from plants, typically by vaporization. Essential oils are widely used as a muscle relaxant, stress reducer, mood stimulant, and energy booster when used correctly. The majority of them are also utilized as household cleaning products and antiseptics.

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Since most herbicides contain toxic chemicals, individuals are switching to traditional remedies. Bed bugs are extremely hard to eliminate, but by using natural ingredients, you can not only eliminate them but also contribute to the creation of a "green and sustainable" atmosphere.

Basil Oil For Bed Bugs

Basil does indeed have a fantastic ayurvedic smell and is steam filtered from the leaf surface. This oil is fantastic for emptying aerosolized bacteria and getting you out of the alpha state—you obviously understand, the state in which you experience drowsy and directionless. So, all in all, you need to have basil oil in your vanity for that instant pick-me-up and to get rid of bed bugs. Basil oil for bed bugs has been long known to eliminate the presence of bed bugs and to restrict the bug bites.

We have served enough information about bed bugs and essential oils in general. So, now is the time to jump onto some benefits of basil oil for bed bugs. So, without any further ado let's have a look at the benefits of basil oil.

1. Ideal Insect Repellant

You might have heard of basil oil as an insect repellant. Well, it does the job well. Basil oil acts as an ideal insect repellant. It is also used as a major ingredient in various products which are marketed as bug repellants. 

2. Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Basil oil for bed bugs has been famous for years now. But, what if we tell you that it works like a charm for menstrual cramps too? Basil Oil has various anti-inflammatory properties that reduce menstrual cramps and keeps that intense pain in check.

3. Tackles Constipation Issues

Many people nowadays face the problem of constipation and gas, all thanks to oh-so-gas-y food items and junk that goes in almost every other day. To get relief from these issues, people refer to basil oil. Basil oil acts as a perfect detoxifier for your body and bids farewell to constipation, travel sickness, and other issues.

4. Controls Migraine

A whole lot of people are facing the problem of migraine these days. All thanks to basil oil that reduces migraines and attacks of headaches like a PRO. Basil oil has a warm, and herbal scent that controls headaches and keeps you away from stress and tension.

5. Controls Congestion

Basil oil works well for sinus problems. It helps to relieve congestion, cough, spasms, minor throat problems, and physical fatigue. You just need a few drops of basil oil in your herbal tea to get rid of severe colds, coughs, and congestion.

How To Use Basil Oil For Bed Bugs?

Are you wondering about the usage of basil oil for bed bugs? Well, look nowhere and scroll downwards as we share the best DIY recipes for bed bugs.

Recipe 1 - DIY Bug Repellant Spray



  • In a spray bottle add normal water.
  • Now pour essential oils into it carefully one by one.
  • Shake the spray bottle well so that the ingredients are combined.
  • Now simply spray this natural bug repellant spray in your room to get rid of bugs.

Recipe 2 - Anti Bed Bug Aromatherapy Blend



  • In a bowl add all the essential oils.
  • Pour this into a diffuser and diffuse it as per the instructions.
  • Now inhale the fragrance and keep it in your bedroom for a good time to get rid of bed bugs.


A natural and herbal insect repellant is always admired over any other synthetic product. Talking about natural and organic ingredients, you should not forget the importance of essential oils in your daily life. For example, basil oil for bug bites is a well-known natural remedy these days to diversify the passage of bugs.

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So, if you are also in the search of natural ingredients to cure your issues then check out Moksha Lifestyle offers pure and organic essential oils and carrier oils for all your needs.

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