Making Candles At Home: The Complete Guide

Making Candles At Home: The Complete Guide

Amping up your ambiance with handmade candles? We have got you covered. DIY Candles are one of the best ways to create a perfect ambiance and find your favorite aroma by trying and testing new flavors.

Instead of buying them from the market, how about making them at home? We found that homemade candles are loved by many people and not only this, they also use them as a home decor item. Candle making is an extremely fun activity that involves some amazing natural ingredients along with natural colorants and a pleasing aroma.

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Candle-making is an astonishing art that every individual should at least try once in their lifetime. The sweet, earthy, floral, and pleasing aromas not only calm your mind but also relaxes it. It puts you in good sleep and also reduces anxiety and stress. Does this seem to be fewer benefits? Here are some more. Aromatherapy candles improve your mood and give you a restful sleep which otherwise is very difficult. It enhances your jolly mood and needless to be said creates a perfect ambiance for your house.

Are you looking to make your scented candles at home? We know the answer might be Yes but, many people are afraid or suspicious about the process. Well, fret not as we have covered the entire process of candle making along with some mind-boggling benefits of the same. Now, you can not only make candles at home but also find your perfect match in terms of aroma and feel.

Let's Have A Look At Some Noteworthy Benefits Of Candle Making.

  • Reflects Your Style

It is rightly said that your home oozes your style and vibe. Candles are a great addition to your home as they create a perfect vibe and style statement Candles can change the atmosphere of your home and convert it into a stylish room with fragrance all around. While making your ambiance cozy, relaxing, and peaceful it also enhances the vibe which instantly energizes your soul.

If you are opting for a romantic and sweet candlelight dinner at home then nothing better than making a musk, earthy and woody notes candle at home. It not only magnifies the environment but also makes it appealing for the couple.

  • Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

Gifting has taken over the entire industry like anything. For your close ones, you always prefer to do something very sweet and special. For those times, homemade candles come to the rescue. These are not only considered practical gifts but show you a loving and caring attitude towards a person. The thoughtfulness involved in gifting a candle made by your hands in itself is a pure feeling.

If you are confused about the flavors and aromas then we suggest you make separate candle kits for men and women. These kits are adorable and emit luxury while gifting. Make it a beautiful and sweet gesture from your side for your loved ones.

  • Candle-Making Is A Therapy

Yes, you read it right. This process that we are about to share is pure therapy. Whether you are irritated with a major happening in your life or if you want to invest your time and soul in something very prosperous and relaxing. This is it. Candle making is an art and a therapy that helps to calm and distress your mind. Making candles at home is a therapeutic process and relieves your stress in a few minutes.

Having gala time with waxes, wicks, essential oils, aroma and colorants is so much fun and cushy. Inhaling the soothing fragrances of those sweet essential oils is a stress buster.

  • Eco-Friendly

Did you know the typical wax used in candle making is harmful to the environment? Guess, what you do not have to use that same wax during this process. Paraffin Wax may harm and create pollution. However, natural candles made at home with natural wax are much more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Soy candles are way cheaper than market-bought candles and far better in aroma.

  • Your Own Home-Grown Business

In India, homegrown Indian brands are taking one step every day to make their businesses reach heights. Well, why not join the race and excel in all of them? You can start your very own candle business at your home by learning the art of candle making. Is it a difficult process? Well, not. The process is easier and so are the ingredients. A home-based candle business can give a boost to your income in just a few weeks. If the suggestion sounds complicated and too big to be accomplished then consider gifting a few of them to your relatives to know their reaction and feedback. Once your close ones are committed to buying the candles you can set up your business and rock it like a Boss.

We are finally done with the wholesome benefits of candle-making at home. But, are we done? No guys it's time to buckle up because the process is going to start in the upcoming heads. Let's check the ingredients used in making candles at home.


There are tons of options available for candle wax. Some of them are-

1. Paraffin Wax

A very well-known and popular wax that is readily available and used in most market-bought candles is Paraffin Wax. It is one of the most versatile waxes used out there and comes in different melting points as per your requirements.

The candles you buy from big stores are usually made from this wax which is not so good for the environment. If you are a green lover who abides by the policies of green India then this one is not for you.

2. Soy Wax

Soy wax is a great alternative for people who ditch paraffin wax. Most of the soy waxes are made of 100% pure soybean oil to provide top-notch quality. Soy wax has taken a great hold in the market and is undeniably preferred by those who are eco-freaks.

Soy wax also comes in different blends and melting points like paraffin wax. Some waxes are a mix of soy and paraffin but are considered a soy wax blend only if the percentage of soy wax is more than 52%.

3. Beeswax

As we say, Old is Gold, and, so is this beeswax. Beeswax is probably one of the oldest wax that has been used for ages to make candles. Beeswax is extracted from honey bees during the honey-making process. You might be surprised to know that this wax is infused with extracts of honey because of the natural extraction. Honey is sweet in aroma and has moisturizing properties as well. However, the fragrance and sweetness of beeswax mostly depend on the flower or plants on which bees are feeding. Beeswax can be easily made into container candles without any problem of melting. It is filtered several times to avoid any impurities.

4. Palm Wax

Similar to that soy wax, palm wax is made from natural oil and resonates with soy wax. It is also made from natural oils and is used to maintain pillars and votives. This wax is sturdy and brittle too so make sure to blend it with soy wax to make it hard. This is also one of the widely used candle wax for homemade candles.

5. Gel Wax

Is this for real? Hell, yes. There is also something like gel wax that is meant for making gel candles. While many people consider it pure wax, let us tell you that this is not purified wax. Gel wax is a blend of mineral oil and resin. Gel waxes are simply the ones that have colorants and aroma and they melt and burn. To make an all-new different and exotic batch of candles, people use gel wax because it has transparency which looks cool.

Let's Discuss The Aroma And Essential Oils Used In Homemade Candles.

Fragrance oils are naturally scented oils made from comforting scents. Do you know you can use fragrance oils in scented candles, incense sticks, beauty products, cosmetics, bath bombs, and lotions? Candle fragrance oils are widely used by candle makers to provide that natural yet cozy smell to the candles. These fragrance oils are also known as perfume oils or scented oils. Fragrance oils are available and made in a very concentrated and potent form. This simply means that they are highly effective and have a strong aroma. So, a few drops of candle fragrance oils is enough to make a gorgeous-smelling candle at home.

  • Essential Oils

While fragrance oil works hard to add that nutty, fruity, floral, and other types of aroma to your candles, essential oil works great for therapeutic benefits and adds a hint of flavor to the candles. There are a wide variety of organic essential oils available at Moksha Lifestyle, one of the leading manufacturers of essential oil in bulk quantity at a wholesale price. Some of the widely used pure essential oils in scented candles are lavender oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, chamomile oil, and many more.

  • Colorants And Natural Pigments For Scented Homemade Candles

You might have come across a lot of candles with exotic colors and designs. So, here's the truth behind it. The gorgeous colors are taken from market-bought colorants or natural pigments. Colorants are available in the market and can be used to color your scented candles.

Pigmented colors or natural pigments are extracted from plants and other natural things like spices and flowers. Natural pigments take time to blend with melted wax.

How To Make Candles At Home?

Drumrolls because we are finally going to learn about the hoy-grail procedure of candle-making. Let's have a look at each step in detail. Here's how can make candles at home in just easy steps.


For candle making, you need the following ingredients:

  • Soy Wax or wax of your choice.
  • Glass, metal, or ceramic containers as per your requirement.
  • Candlewick
  • Choose your fragrance oils and essential oils


  1. First things first take your container and make sure it is clean and dry. Now place the wick at the center of your container and stick it down. Make sure your wick is stuck in the center and is straight and firm.
  2. To make scented candles at home, take your wax and start melting it. You can microwave it or use a double boiler method for the same. With the help of a spatula stir it to avoid any lumps. Make sure the temperature does not go above 180-200F.
  3. You can now add fragrance oil to the mixture of melted wax. Add fragrance oil when the temperature is about 160F. You can select a variety of fragrance oils and essential oils available at Moksha Lifestyle. Opt for the one which resonates with your vibe and is calming.
  4. While pouring the melted wax into the container make sure the temperature is still at 130F. Make sure the wick is straight and does not sink into the candle.
  5. Now leave the candles for 24 hours to set. If you have used beeswax or soy wax then let them sit for 1-2 weeks.
  6. The final step arrives to cut the wick. Once the candle is fully set, you can cut the wick. But, make sure to not trim the length too much as it may make the process difficult.
  7. We are finally done and dusted. Your scented candles are now ready to make your home a better place and a cozy ambiance.

Safety Precautions

  • It is important to adopt some safety measures while making scented candles at home. Here are some of them.
  • Keep a thermometer handy at your place to measure temperature to avoid the breakage of containers.
  • Keep the ratios intact for wax and oils so that the candles d not become soggy.
  • During the candle-making process make sure to keep proper ventilation at your place. Burns and fumes may cause a problem with breathing.
  • Keep a safety guard for your skin like hand gloves, trousers, and an eye pack to avoid direct contact with potent ingredients. Make sure no areas of your skin are exposed.
  • Keep the candles away from pets and children while they are set.
  • Buy only pure essential oils to make your scented candles to avoid any last-moment blast. Moksha Lifestyle features a variety of fragrance oils and essential oils for candles. These oils are 100% organic and pure.


Far better than store-bought candles, handmade candles are truly a blessing for those who make them. Not only do you get the power of feeling your favorite aroma but also makes your ambiance and atmosphere relaxing, cozy and calm.

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So, when are you planning to make your DIY scented candles that are worth every penny?


1. Is the process of candle-making difficult?

Well, not at all. The candle-making process is relatively more straightforward than any other. Just make sure to follow the safety precautions and the process will take you less than 25 minutes.

2. What fragrance oils should I use?

This depends on your personal choice. Whether you want a woody aroma or a fruity one it all depends on you. Make sure to find your perfect match in terms of aroma and buy the best organic essential oils and fragrance oils from Moksha Lifestyle.

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