Relaxing Oils For Bedtime Foot Massage

Your feet are the most crucial component of your body since they provide the framework for the rest of it. Therefore, it's crucial to keep them from getting damaged, dried, or cracked. Furthermore, even painless fissures could potentially allow bacteria to enter the body. Large pores of the feet make it simple for essential oils to be absorbed. The soles of the feet are ideal for massage because, according to Ayurveda, this is where all of the nerve endings meet. As a result, the body's circulation is improved. Massages of the feet can relieve stress, discomfort, aches and pains, and more. Therefore, in this blog, we have listed the best oils for foot massage along with some DIY recipes using the best Massage oils for feet which you can perform as a bedtime foot massage.

Benefits Of Doing Feet Oil Massage

  • Enhances Blood Circulation: Uneven walking and extended periods of sitting might disrupt the appropriate blood flow to our feet. It only takes five minutes to give your feet an oil massage to maintain them healthy. Just before going to bed, lightly massage your feet with your preferred oil. An old towel might be laid out beneath your feet if you are concerned that the bedding will become discolored.
  • Promotes Sound Sleep: Before going to bed, give yourself a thorough oil massage to relax and unwind. It eases stress and calms your nerves. Several acupuncture sites on your foot can help you fall asleep. These acupuncture points are also activated when you massage your entire foot. Thus, improved blood circulation and calmed nerves guarantee a restful night's sleep.
  • Can Help In Reducing Pain: Oil massage reduces swelling and eases any strain or soreness in the foot. The entire foot should be massaged, with attention on the ankle. It also helps to relax your entire body by easing the tense muscles in your foot. It has been demonstrated that rubbing into your feet has also reduced inflammation brought on by foot bursitis.
  • Eases PMS Symptoms: Mood swings, bloating, sleeplessness, nausea, and cramping are common PMS symptoms. The management of these problems has also shown promising results with foot massage.

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    These are some of the benefits of massaging your foot. Lets. dive more and get to know which are the best oils for foot massage.

    Best Massage Oils For Feet Nerve Relaxation

    According to Ayurveda, foot massages are advised regularly to soothe nerves, relax painful muscles, and nourish the skin. It is thought to be quite advantageous for the healthy operation of your body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, massaging your feet every day should be a habit, especially right before bed. So selecting the appropriate oils for a foot massage is crucial. There are many different natural oils available for foot massage. However, various oils offer a range of advantages. Here are some of the top oils for a foot massage before bed, along with some tips on how to choose the finest.

    ● Peppermint Oil For Feet Massage

    Peppermint Essential Oil produced from the leaves of Mentha Piperita is one of the best essential oils for the foot. It has a fresh and minty aroma and is filled with astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities that aid to ease stress and edema in the feet. Additionally, consistent use of this oil for foot massage will help you get rid of headaches, joint pain, and any other discomfort brought on by tight muscles because the cooling action serves as first aid and speeds up the healing process. Additionally, it contains nutrients that promote quicker foot skin healing and exfoliation.

    ● Lavender Oil For Feet Massage

    Lavender Oil is well-known in the aromatherapy community for its calming effects and capacity to lessen depressive and anxious sensations. This oil is well-known for its tremendous relaxing impact and its capacity to lessen physical aches in addition to its appeal for aromatherapy. By loosening up the tight muscles, lavender massage oil also helps to reduce swelling and soreness in your feet. Because it can aid in promoting a pleasant and good night's sleep, we can conclude that it is one of the best oils for a foot massage from the bottom of the foot to the top before bed.

    ● Jojoba Oil For Foot Massage

    Simmondsia Chinensis seeds are used to make jojoba oil, which is extracted using the cold pressing technique. It is a humectant oil, which deeply hydrates skin and penetrates the layer where moisture is locked.

    It is thought to be a great oil for foot massages because it can help cure stress and anxiety. Since our foot is the location of all nerve endings, rubbing this area with jojoba oil can help our body, mind, and spirit feel calm and relaxed. Additionally, it soothes your entire nervous system and aids in the fight against sleeplessness. As a result, you can consider massaging your feet directly with jojoba oil before night.

    ● Rose Geranium Oil For Foot Massage

    Rose Geranium, also known as Rose-Scented Geranium, produces Rose Geranium Essential Oil from its leaves and stalks. It stimulates the nerves in your feet, which helps to relieve fatigue and gives you a feeling of refreshment. It also helps to relieve all forms of tension in your feet. Its sweet, fresh, floral, and very rosy perfume helps elevate mood by easing discomfort, stress, and anxiety. Both a potent antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, this oil produces a barrier on the surface of the foot, shielding it from infection-causing bacteria. Therefore, you can try the best Massage oils for your feet, with mild consistency it even mixes well with your feet creams and lotions.

    ● Olive Oil For Foot Massage

    Cold pressing is used to obtain olive oil from the young fruits of Olea europaea. The active ingredients in this massage oil, which include vitamins E, D, and K as well as anti-inflammatory and bacterial characteristics, aid in mending damaged skin tissues and cells. It quickly relieves pain because it deeply enters the muscles and skin layers of your body. Additionally, it aids in calming tense, inflammatory muscles. You may immediately relieve the stress of the entire day that causes symptoms like stress, muscle sprains, etc. by massaging your feet with olive oil. Because of its gentle nature, olive oil is suitable for all skin types. A foot massage with olive oil massage oil will be quite relaxing for you after a long, stressful day.

    DIY Recipes Using Best Massage Oils For Feet- Homemade Recipes

    With the help of these easy DIY foot massage oil recipes, you may enjoy all the soothing sensations in the comfort of your own home. They're an easy, pleasurable way to relax, take a vacation from the fast-paced outside world, and give yourself the time and care you need.

    Recipe 1


    Recipe 2


    Recipe 3



    • Use a glass bottle or jar to preserve the massage oil for the best results.
    • Fill the bottle with the ingredients.
    • Shake vigorously before using.
    • As needed, gently massage the foot skin.

    Things To Keep In Mind Before Massage Oils For Feet

    1. Before using the oil on your skin, patch test it by dabbing 1-2 drops of the oil mixed with a carrier oil on the back of your elbow. If your itching worsens or if redness develops, speak with your doctor and throw away the essential oil solution.
    2. Use essential oils on your skin with caution as they contain strong plant scents. Use carrier oils with caution and care. It is never a good idea to apply them straight to the skin because they are concentrated and could cause allergies.
    3. Keep children and pets away from these organic hydrophobic oils. They pose a serious risk of poisoning if consumed. Consequently, it is suggested to take essential oils.
    4. Look for oils with USDA certifications, these are the highest-graded ones available, to help you choose the best oils.


    If your discomfort is brought on by inflammation or tight muscles, using the best oils for foot massage may be able to offer some relief. If you're trying to decide which oil is ideal for your needs, our list of the best massage oils for your feet is a wonderful place to start. Frankincense, bergamot, coconut, tea tree, and other oils are also excellent for relaxing feet nerves. A carrier oil, massage oil, base lotion, salts, or even hot water can be used to dilute essential oils before using them. This will lessen the chance of skin irritation brought on by the potency of the oils. Massaging your feet has many advantages, including relieving foot pain, regulating blood flow, and promoting restful sleep. Try them out right now to discover for yourself the excellence of these top foot massage oils. You may visit Moksha Lifestyle and purchase all the oils there for a fantastic price and the highest grade oils for soothing your feet.

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    1. Is oil foot massage a good idea?

    Additionally, oil massage reduces swelling and eases any strain or soreness in the foot. The entire foot should be massaged, with attention on the ankle. It also helps to relax your entire body so you can sleep better by easing the tense muscles in your foot.

    2. What is the ideal foot massage technique?

    From the tips of the toes to the ankles, cover. then rub with both thumbs. Circular motions are used to massage the entire foot sole. You can also use an open hand and strong strokes.

    3. What advantages come from applying oil to the feet?

    Reduced stress and anxiety, released muscle tension, deeper sleep, improved blood circulation, and more are all positive outcomes of reducing the Vata qualities while also massaging the organs.

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