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Essential oils for Muscle cramps I Heal Muscle Cramps naturally
When your body is stiff and tight, and your muscles are screaming for help, an essential oils massage may help boost blood circulation, activate the limbic system, and calm buzzing muscles, joints, and everything in between.
Essential oils to Boost Mood I Improve mood with these Oils
Essential oil stimulate the limbic system in the brain which controls emotions and long term memory. When these oils are inhaled through the nasal passages, they can make a difference by relaxing the nerves and uplift our mood.
5 Best Essential oils for Nausea I Natural remedy for Nausea
Nausea, although not a significant health condition, isn’t very pleasant and can be quite stressful and disturbing to deal with. Essential oils have anti-nausea qualities that might help get rid of morning sickness or dizziness.
Best Essential Oils for Curly Hair | Dry Curly Hair DIY recipe
Using right oil which suits your hair type and can improve the texture of your hair is an important step to obtain healthy hair. Curly hair needs extra attention and care as they tend to hold less hydration as compared to straight hair.
Tamanu Oil For Dandruff | Best remedy for Hair Growth
Little known Tamanu oil is derived from the nut grown in South Pacific has been used for centuries to treat various skin and hair conditions. It is beneficial due to its antibacterial, antioxidant and  anti-inflammatory properties. 
Essential Oils To Ease Depression And Anxiety I Natural remedy for Depression
Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat a variety of physical and mental ailments, such as inflammation, depression and anxiety. They have been proven to elevate mood and are effective in reducing bad thoughts and feeling.
Essential oils for Studying I Improve Concentration using Essential oils
Essential oils are known for their potential to soothe nerves, uplift ones mood and improve concentration. They help create calm and uncluttered learning environment which helps it to enhance creativity and focus.
Essential Oils for Rashes I Best Antifungal Itch oil for Skin Rash
Essential oils contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help in reducing rashes and promote faster healing. They help calm irritated skin and provide a natural remedy for rashes and itchy skin.
Essential oils for Grounding I Benefits and How to Ground
Grounding helps you get your inner peace, confidence and self-realization back. Essential oils are said to manage and balance your root chakra which is responsible for connection with the earth and inner self.
Best Essential oils for Hangover Recovery I DIY Recipes to cure Hangover
Essential oils offer several health and wellness benefits that may also serve as a hangover treatment. They can make you feel less sluggish and less tired, as well as reduce anxiety and calm your mind. 
Top Essential Oils For Concentration I Best Essential Oils for Focus
Essential oils can be used for improving concentration, focus and alertness as they affect certain portion of the brain which control emotion, motivation and regulation of memories and hormones.
Turmeric Oil For Skin Whitening
Turmeric is a proven universal healer helps improve various skin conditions. It contains beneficial antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce skin pigmentation and improves appearance of skin.