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Sea Buckthorn Oil for Skin Lightening
Sea Buckthorn Oil is a hidden gem for the treatment of Skin lightening. It provides required nutrients which include fatty acids and antioxidants that assist in the removal of melanin and thus resulting in a lighter skin tone.
Tea Tree Oil for Oily Skin I DIY Recipe for Acne Prone Skin
Tea tree Oils safe usage has made it a saviour for those who have been facing the problems of oily skin. The varying qualities of this oil and the commendable results have made it the most natural and reliable remedy for oily skin.
Garlic Oil for Hair Growth I DIY Recipes
Garlic Oil is rich in vitamins & minerals that are considered excellent for treating hair problems. Whether you’re suffering from split ends, hair fall, receding hair line or anything else, Garlic oil has something for all hair needs.
Castor Oil for Beard growth I DIY Recipes
Castor Oil has been acclaimed for not only for alleviating allergies but also promoting hair growth. It nourishes hair follicles and makes beard thicker and fuller. It is also known to combat irritation and inflammation while reducing dandruff. 
Castor Oil for Pigmentation I DIY Recipes
Possessing huge amounts of Ricinoleic acid, anti-oxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, Castor Oil has been accredited for its benefits on the skin. It anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties help reduce pigmentation.
Orange Lip Balm Recipe I DIY Lip Balm
This DIY Orange Lip balm recipe comprises of skin loving ingredients which are good for your skin and does not possess any potential harmful chemicals. It is simple and easy and requires only a few ingredients which are readily available.
Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth I DIY Recipes
Castor Oils provides innumerable benefits like promoting hair growth, rejuvenating skin & healing tissues. It is known to boost growth and appearance of eyelashes by providing nourishment and improving volume & strength of eyelashes.
How to use Essential Oils Reed Diffusers I DIY Reed Diffuser
Diffusers are a great way to freshen your home.The aroma dispersed will not only liberate your senses, but also provide mental peace and calmness. Reed Diffusers draw up fragrances from diluted essential oils and gently releases them into the air. 
Castor Oil for Stretch Marks I DIY Recipes
Castor oil is famous for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits it has for skin. It is known to deeply condition skin. Castor oil helps regrow dull and damaged tissues and promote the growth of new ones.
How to make Massage Oil at Home I DIY recipes
Massages are not only about relaxing, it also helps in healing your body and with the right oils it can provide mental relief as well. This blog will help you find the perfect massage oil combinations you can use for massages at home.
DIY: Melt & Pour Soap with Fragrance oils
Melt and Pour is a great way for beginners to enter the world of soap-making and spa crafts. They are increasing gaining popularity as they offer quick and easy solution as compared to cold process soaps.
Holiday Season Blends that will make you fall in love with Essential Oils
Holiday season is our favourite time of the year. Diffusing Essential oils are a great way to create a warm and festive environment. You can use some of these blends to get you into a Christmassy mood and just sit back and relax.