Olivem 1000 (Natural Emulsifier)

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Olivem 1000

INCI: Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate

Melting Point : 70 Degree Celsius

Appearance:  Waxy solid in flakes (20°C)

Product Colour: White to ivory

Product Odour: Slight, Characteristic

Charge : Non-ionic

Solubility: Oil

Usage: 3-5% in o/w emulsions as sole emulsifier and 0.5-2% as a co-emulsifier

Shelf life: 5 years 


Description of Olivem 1000

Olivem 1000 is a naturally derived emulsifier which is obtained from Olive oil. It is 100% plant based, made from olive oil and has fatty acid composition which resembles skin. It offers excellent skin feel and is best utilized as a self-emulsifying ingredient in moisturising creams or lotions. It is a PEG-free Oil in Water (O/W) emulsifier and has excellent anti-aging and anti-redness properties. It is safe to use on skin and has been clinically tested to be hypoallergic. It provides creams with deep moisturising effect and has excellent spreadability with slight soapy effect.

It is a emulsifier and thickener which is compatible with a wide variety of cosmetic and active ingredient list, over a wide pH range (3-12). It has a wide variety of uses and can be used to make moisturisers, night creams, eye cream, lotions, after sun creams, baby care creams and lotions, etc. In addition to its many skin care applications, it can also be used in haircare formylations like leave-in conditioners, cream conditioner etc.


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Olivem 1000 is COSMOS-certified ingredient, and is one of the most versatile naturally complaint emulsifier. It is manufactured by Hallstar and is derived from Olive oil. It is a robust emulsifier which can be used to emulsify almost all the oils. 

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Benefits of Olivem 1000

  • Easy to use
  • Biodegradable
  • COSMOS certified
  • Emulsifying Agent
  • Moisturising , it regenerates and strengthens lipid barrier of the skin
  • It has skin like fatty acid profile
  • Plant derived / vegetable derived


Applications of Olivem 1000

Skincare: In lotions and creams, olivem1000 works as a all-in-one emulsifier as well as contributes to the thickening of the product. It provides anti-aging and anti-redness benefits to skin and also gives deep moisturising effect. It is safe to use for sensitive skin and is recommended for use on dry, dehydrated skin. Some of skincare products which can be made using Olivem 1000 are day and night creams, hand and body lotions, eye creams, sun products etc.

Haircare: It can also be used for formulating various haircare products like leave-in conditioner, cream rinse etc. It haircare products it improves wet compatibility and is an effective emulsifying base for traditional hair conditioners which use cationic ingredients.

Baby care: Olivem 1000 is safe to use in baby care products like baby creams and lotions as it is suitable for sensitive skin. It is a natural emulsifier which is derived from olive oil and is ideal for making light, moisturising lotions with a gentle touch for babies.

Cleansing products: In cleaning balms and oils, it creates products which self-emulsify on contact with water. Since olivem 1000 is made up of molecules which have an oil-loving  and a water-loving end, the oil-loving end grabs the oil on the skin while water-loving end grabs the water which is used to rinse away.

Makeup Products: Due to its exceptional pigment tolerance, Olivem 1000 is often used in cosmetics as well. It can be found in foundations, BB creams with SPF and other cosmetic products.



Olivem1000 is available in different pack sizes starting from 100gms, 250 gms and 1 kg retail packs

Bulk pack sizes are available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg packs.

Note: Actual Packaging may vary. 



Olivem 1000 can be used for all skin types including sensitive skin. It is suitable for dry, dehydrated skin and provides moisturising effect. It can be used in products which have low or medium oil phase. The recommended usage of Olivem 1000 depends on your desired viscosity.

  • Serums, Milk and Lotions: 2-4%
  • Mid-weight creams – 5-6%
  • Richer body products – upto 8%

Results will vary depending on other ingredients used in formulation. Emulsions reach their final viscosity on the next day. You can add 0.3% xanthan gum to increase stability of low viscosity emulsions.



None known. It is considered safe and is clinically tested to be hypoallergic. It should be stored in cool, dark place. Always wear protective gloves and shield while using this ingredient.

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