Best Essential oils for Cellulite I Anti-Cellulite Essential Oils

Cellulite is lumpy, dimpled or bumpy flesh that can be found on the thighs, hips and buttocks in adolescent and adult women. It usually has a texture that's similar to orange peel or cottage cheese. Fat deposits cause cellulite under the skin which is very common in women to have. Are you also dealing with those bumpy skin? We have brought an alternative route to smooth out and enhance the look of cellulite-affected areas. We, recommend you try essential oils for cellulite treatment. These natural oils contain components that promote blood circulation and aid in the breakdown of harmful unsaturated fat.

Therefore, in this blog, we have combined the best essential oils for cellulite, which you can trust to reduce its appearance. So, keep reading to know more about these best anti-cellulite essential oils and how you can inculcate them in your everyday regimen through interesting DIY recipes to reduce cellulite and get smooth and shiny skin.


What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plant parts, which have been used abundantly over the centuries for curing various ailments. They have proven to be an excellent source of natural medicine and beauty routine. These plant-based oils are widely used today as a great alternative to avoid overloading the body with chemicals found in other products that are being used to soften skin and also treat scars and cellulite. With their unique properties and aromatic smell, thesenatural anti-cellulite essential oils, reduce the production of unsaturated fats by improving blood circulation. Making the skin more smooth and glowing when used responsibly and with the best quality oil.


How Essential oils help with Cellulite?

Essential oils provide natural remedy which not only target the problem but help solve it from its root. They help treat cause for the formation of lumps in skin and not just treat them. The bulge of fat cells which gets accumulated under the skin which is turn leads to formation of cellulite is mainly due to inflammation and poor lymphatic drainage. 

Essential oils have the ability to deeply penetrate skin and detoxify the body. The help in boosting oxygen circulation and speeds up metabolism and fat burning ability of the body. Since essential oils help treat all these skin conditions, they are considered as an effective tool to get rid of cellulite naturally.

 essential oils for cellulite

Best Anti-Cellulite Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art used around the world today. And according to many specialists, it can be applied to achieve healthier skin as well as an appealing fragrance. As experts recommend, everyone should try these best essential oils for cellulite if they want to get rid of the lumpy or dimpled texture and uneven skin associated with cellulite that's often linked to a reduction in circulation which causes a buildup of toxins. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy for the treatment of skin conditions like dryness and inflammation, but are said to work specifically for clearing out fat cells from beneath the surface layers and tightening the dermis - this helps minimize those bumps and lumps that occur on hard-to-treat cellulite areas.

  • Lemon Essential Oil for Cellulite

Lemon oil is a great weapon in the fight to get rid of cellulite. It contains high levels of vitamin C, which is known as one of the best skin-toning vitamins. This vitamin stimulates collagen production and eliminates dead skin cells, creating a more even tone and texture over time! Lemon oil also has properties that help improve circulation and boost metabolism, effectively acting like a little workout for your muscles. It eliminates impurities and encourages fat cells to shrink, resulting in weight loss, making it one of the best essential oils for cellulite. lemon-oil

  • Grapefruit Essential Oil for Cellulite

Cellulite forms when pesky toxins (called lipofuscin) leave behind unsaturated fat molecules in between our muscles and skin. Luckily, cellulite can be reduced by washing those toxins away using bromelain, a natural enzyme found in grapefruit essential oil. Bromelain helps break down and dissolve the unsaturated fat molecules that have built up inside your tissues, thereby detoxifying your cells and removing impurities like polyunsaturated fats! This makes grapefruit oil truly one of the best anti-cellulite essential oils for getting rid of excess fat.


  • Fennel Essential oil for Cellulite

Fennel oil is a diuretic agent and has been used for years for reducing hormone-based fluid retention. It works well when used externally and is safe to use. When it comes to improving the appearance of cellulite-impacted skin, this oil excels in the way it can prevent and fight signs of ageing along with the skin laxity associated with it, making it an excellent choice for massage blends for scars and cellulite. Looking for natural oils to reduce cellulite skin, try fennel essential oil.


  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Cellulite

Juniper Berry oil has a warm and woody aroma, It purifies the skin when applied to it while balancing both the skin's pH levels, as well as cleansing toxins within the pores. Perfect for reducing the appearance of uneven scars due to its cell regenerative properties, making it capable of refining the skin's general appearance. It also helps with water retention issues, and toxic build-up and works wonders on oily or acne-prone skin soothes redness and other irritations in light quantities especially if mixed with lavender or tea tree essential oils.  juniper-berry-oil

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil for Cellulite

Cedarwood oil is one of the best essential oils for cellulite reduction available which helps to fend off fat accumulation. Cedarwood is well known for ensuring clear, glowing skin and minimizing the appearance of cellulite on the body when applied regularly to the skin. The powerful chemicals found in cedarwood oil, including cedrol, beta-cedrene, and alkaloid, are traits that help fight high blood pressure and keep inflammation at bay to regulate circulation as well as natural astringent qualities that fight swelling in the body and help reduce cellulite.


  • Geranium Essential Oil for Cellulite

The appearance of cellulite is commonly disfiguring, but it can be effectively treated too! Rubbing geranium essential oil into affected areas and then massaging regularly can help you reduce the amount of fluid that's retained in your skin due to its natural diuretic properties. Geranium oil should help discourage fluid retention which helps make cellulite seem less prominent and this effect can also aid in making your skin firmer, as well. This essential oil is also high in antioxidants so overall cell renewal should be accelerated, which will result in a finer texture.


With these best essential oils for cellulite, you can also try Cypress, Eucalyptus, Sage, Rosemary and Lemongrassessential oils for cellulite treatment too. The ability of these natural anti-cellulite essential oils to strengthen weakened connective tissues and tone the skin makes them effective in the battle against cellulite. So, giving these natural oils a try for moisture and healthy skin is a must.


How to use Essential oils to Reduce cellulite I DIY Homemade recipes for Cellulite reduction

In this section, we have combined some interesting DIY recipes using the best anti-cellulite essential oils. These cellulite essential oil blends are a mixture of the properties which help you get rid of cellulite quickly and recover your skin into healthy and smooth skin. Ensure that you massage your affected area with consistency to let essential oils perform their magic.

Massage Blend 1:


  • 10 drops of Lemon Essential oil
  • 12 drops of Grapefruit Essential oil
  • 8 drops of Fennel Seed essential oil
  • 5 drops Carrot Seed Essential oil
  • 2 tbsp of almond oil
  • 5 tbsp of jojoba oil


  • In a glass jar, combine 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 5 tbsp of jojoba oil
  • To the mixture, add 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 12 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 5 drops of carrot seed oil and 8 drops of fennel oil.
  • Ensure that the mixture is fully mixed. Apply this solution to the affected region twice a day.


Massage Blend 2:


  • 6 drops of oregano Essential oil
  • 10 drops of Lemon Essential oil
  • 14 drops of Juniper Essential oil
  • 5 drops of Carrot seed Essential oil
  • 5 tbsp Jojoba oil
  • 2 tbsp almond oil


  • Combine 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 5 tbsp jojoba oil in a glass jar.
  • Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 14 drops of juniper oil, 5 drops carrot seed oil and 6 drops of oregano oil to the mixture.
  • Make sure the mixture is completely blended. Apply this solution twice a day to the afflicted area.


Things to keep in mind before using Essential Oils for cellulite

  1. Essential oils are concentrated plant scents, therefore before applying to your skin for reducing cellulite or any other skin issues. Ensure that they are diluted with carrier oils. They should never be used directly as this can lead to allergic reactions.
  2. Before using essential oils, be sure to conduct a patch test. Because essential oils are suitable for many skin types. This may be accomplished by diluting 1 drop of essential oil in 4 drops of carrier oil and applying a dime-size quantity of the mixture to a non-sensitive region of the skin.
  3. Essential oils should not be used by pregnant or nursing women without first seeking medical guidance from a physician.
  4. These oils should always be kept out of the reach of children, particularly those under the age of seven.
  5. Always purchase the best quality essential oils to this ensure that they are USDA certified.



Cellulite is a very common skin problem and can be healed with the best anti-cellulite essential oils. Ensuring that you maintain consistency if want to see the results quickly while using these natural oils.  Essential oils have the capability of healing various ailments for ages and are considered the best natural remedy, for skincare. So, we recommend you try these best essential oils for cellulite and get smooth and healthy skin back. Ensuring that you always dilute essential oils before using with carrier oils to avoid any allergic reactions. Before using any essential oils, talk to your doctor or aromatherapist for advice on the best treatment choices for your skin type.



Does natural cellulite treatment at home work?

Yes, if you're using essential oils to reduce cellulite. If you want to see speedy results, remember to be consistent. Every morning or evening, massage your body with essential oils for cellulite before going to bed.

Which essential oil brand should I use for the best results?

For those looking to buy high-quality essential oils and aromatherapy products, Moksha Lifestyle is an excellent option for purchase. They are a renowned manufacturer and supplier that are known for their high-quality products, available at affordable price points. Their essential oils can be purchased from their website. Customers can choose from Moksha's selection of EOs which are specially designed for a variety of applications.


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