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This little known oil which is derived from the nut grown in South Pacific has been used for centuries to treat various skin and hair conditions. Our body responds differently to different climatic conditions. The temperature variances can lead to different hair and skin issues, like dryness, dandruff and beyond. People look for remedies and treatments to deal with these issues, but it's important to note that finding a good solution is crucial because not all products will rightly treat the underlying causes of problems related to hair loss. If you'd like some advice from experts we suggest you look into cold-pressed Tamanu oil for dandruff - this natural product contains fatty acids that help ease many hair and skin related issues such as dandruff or eczema.


Benefits of Tamanu Seed oil

Tamanu Oil is obtained by cold-pressing the fruits of Calophyllum inophyllum trees, which are grown in South Asia. It is an organic, moisturizing and healing oil used for centuries by the Polynesian community, especially to keep skin and hair healthy. It is a multipurpose oil that is easily absorbed, non-greasy, and suitable for all skin types. Extracted cold-pressed tamanu Oil is known to improve blood circulation, reduce scar formation and promote cell regeneration. It is also known to lower scar formation and helps in healing burns faster than any other conventional medicine.

Tamanu oil has a distinct appearance and aroma. It has the texture of a thick fluid with a dark green hue and an earthy, nutty aroma that is distinct when compared to other types of natural oils in their finest form.


How does Tamanu oil work for dandruff? 

Tamanu Oil becomes an ideal therapy element for individuals suffering from itchy dandruff due to its high levels of anti-inflammatory characteristics. Massage organic Tamanu oil straight onto your scalp if your scalp is getting sensitive or inflamed, either alone or in combination with another carrier oil. Pure Tamanu oil has antibacterial, antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory advantages, which are beneficial to maintaining your skin and hair in the best possible health. As a result, your hair will benefit from deep conditioning treatment, becoming shinier, more manageable, and with fewer split ends.

Tamang oil for dandruff

Properties of Pure Tamanu oil for Hair 

Organic Tamanu oil Contains high levels of linoleic acid, oleic acid and palmitic acid, these ingredients when used properly are proven to promote hair moisture and combat dandruff in particular. Additionally, it offers a deep conditioning treatment for your tresses without making them too heavy or greasy. This conditioning will help repair hair and provide you with shiny, strong, and healthy hair with a squeaky clean finish.

  • Linoleic acid: Linoleic acids, or omega-6 fatty acids, are typically used in commercial beauty products because they create a variety of beautiful and beneficial results. One example would be the ability to increase cell regeneration which is apparent in the hair and skin when applied. Omega-6 has been known to promote the slow ageing process of your skin by sustaining the look of elasticity and softness. Using linoleic acid can enhance a product's shelf life as well as create a thinner texture that is ideal for use on the skin. It also helps retain moisture in both hair & skin and increases the rate of wound healing when applied topically.
  • Oleic acid: Oleic acid is vital for enhancing hair growth. Your hair follicles will appear much fuller and the hair within them will be longer and stronger than ever before. And finally oleic acid also has powerful antioxidant properties that help eliminate dandruff to help prevent it in the future as well as reverse damage already done by free radicals.
  • Palmitic acid: Palmitic Acid is a fatty acid known for its emollient properties. It's made up of capric and caprylic triglycerides (mixed with glycerin) which help to soften hair as well as other types of natural fibres without leaving hydrocarbon residues, unlike mineral oils. It's also not sticky or greasy, which makes it one of the most desirable saturated fatty acids for hair care products.

Pure Tamanu oil is also rich in fatty acids like Stearic and Erucic. These nourishing agents help deeply condition the hair which promotes healthy hair growth.


Benefits of using Tamanu Oil for Hair

This oil is excellent for deep conditioning hair. It is often used a a hot oil treatment for split ends and makes even driest of hair soft and shiny. Tamanu oil is also known to repair hair damaged from chemical treatments, heat-styling, the sun, and excessive hair coloring.

  • Fight Germs: Pure tamanu oil provides soothing relief for flaky skin and hair with its antifungal properties and essential fatty acids that penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen, repair, hydrate and give you shiny hair. Applying a few drops of pure tamanu oil to your hair and scalp every day creates a protective layer on the skin that keeps out fungi, dust and other contributing factors from irritating your scalp and causing itching or irritation. 
  • Promotes Hair Growth: The nutrients in organic tamanu oil are truly effective and beneficial for your hair and scalp. Each ingredient has a specific purpose to promote healthy hair growth, strength, texture, and overall health of your hair.
  • Make Hair Manageable and frizz-free: Pure Tamanu oil is a unique, beneficial product that will help encourage stronger, longer, healthier hair growth as well as help to stimulate new hair growth as well. It includes many powerful ingredients that not only assist in repairing the natural hardiness of your strands but also aid in the nourishment of your hair in multiple ways, smoothing out rough patches on the outer layer and adding moisture to dry spots underneath so the hairs can become much more easily manageable to style and manage.
  • Other benefits: Tamanu Oil also hones in on issues associated with premature balding, prevents dry scalp, increases hair’s natural lustre, and drastically improves its appearance.


Tamang oil for dandruff recipe

How to use Tamanu oil for dandruff? 

Tamanu oil works well against both Malasezzia and Candida, which are the two fungi responsible for causing dandruff. Pure Tamanu oil is also wonderful for fighting fungi on the skin. It’s great for clearing up both skin and nail fungal infections. Following are a few quick and easy recipes to get rid of those flakes, itchy scalp and enjoy having healthy hair. 

Recipe 1: Tamanu Oil as a Conditioner for hair growth 

With their rich antioxidant, fatty acids can be a treat for your hair. This will refresh and replenish your scalp and hair in a thinner consistency than before. If your scalp and hair are both dehydrated, the tamanu oil's hydrating ingredients will deliver smoothness and hydration of them.


  • 3-4 drops of cold-pressed Tamanu oil
  • Conditioner or Shampoo


  • Take 3-4 drops of natural Tamanu oil and mix it with your Conditioner or Shampoo.
  • Massage the mixture into your scalp for 10 minutes, let it soak into the roots of your hair. 
  • Use a gentle shampoo or conditioner to wash your hair.

Recipe2: Lavender, Rosemary and Tamanu Serum

Organic Tamanu oil when mixed with other Carrier oils like coconut oil, Rosemary oil, Castor Oil, along with Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil can act as serum. Which eventually reduces the production of flakes and promotes a healthy scalp and strong hair. 



  • Take 1 Tbsp of natural Tamanu Oil and mix it with other Carrier oils as per instructions. 
  • Now add Essential oils in the quantity mentioned.
  • Transfer the mixture and store it in a glass dropper bottle. 
  • Cap and shake the bottle, then apply the serum and leave it as an overnight mask. 
  • Repeat this once a week and get rid of those dry scalp and dandruff. 

Recipe 3: Tamanu oil with Cedarwood oil 

Cedarwood oil has several constituents including cedrine, cedrol, and thujopsene. These help aid in reducing a dry scalp and reduce itching. These constituents are also good at treating dandruff and scalp eczema.


  • 1 Tbsp Tamanu carrier oil
  • 3-4 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil


  • Gently massage the mixture of oils, let it soak into the scalp. 
  • Allow the mix to soak into the scalp and hair for 1-2 hours by covering it with a shower cap.
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly with a light natural shampoo that is also antifungal.

Recipe 4: Tamanu oil with Olive oil

Olive oil comes with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This means it can keep flaky, irritated scalps at ease as well as nourish the follicles directly with its moisturizing ingredients. A great way to release the toxins from hair follicles is by massaging them with an essential oil like tamanu. It has a gentle cleaning effect, as well as helps to soften dandruff flakes so they can be washed out more easily on their own.


  • 1 Tbsp Tamanu carrier oil
  • 4-5 drops of Olive Oil 


  • Mix the natural Tamanu oil with Olive oil. 
  • Deeply massage the roots gently, let the mixture reach the scalp.
  • Keep it for 1-2 hours and then rinse it with chemical-free shampoo for best results.


Things to keep in mind while using Tamanu oil for dandruff

Tamanu oil is widely used in the Polynesian community and with good reason. It's quickly becoming popular for skin, hair and nail care. But using it improperly can be hazardous to your health or even fatal - so keep these things in mind before you start using this product.

  • It's crucial to do a patch test. Simply apply the oil on a small piece of your skin, preferably somewhere like your back or elbow, where you're less likely to be exposed to sunlight and see if any reaction occurs. After 24 hours, wash your skin in cold water and if you don't notice any problems then it can be concluded that you can use the product safely on your hair.
  • Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to use any kind of oil for their skin without consulting a physician first. 
  • If you wish to buy premium quality Tamanu oil, then it’s imperative that you choose cold-pressed Tamanu oil and not the standard heat extracted kind.
  • Tamanu oil should not be ingested and should be used for external purposes only.
  • Those who are nut allergies should avoid using tamanu oil or may firstly try doing a patch test to see if it is not allergic. 


Organic Tamanu oil also known as Domba is an effective ingredient to add to your hair care regimen when you want to encourage healthier-looking and thicker hair that stands up to damage. This tropical plant has been used for many centuries to aid in promoting a healthy scalp and skin maintenance. It is known for treating signs of hair loss, dandruff, and dry scalps by soothing the area of concern and reducing pore size – which so often impedes hair growth.


Does Tamanu oil smell bad?

It has a striking, rustic aroma that is both 'outdoorsy' and grounding. It's all-natural, so it may appeal to your senses at first but you will get used to the scent the more you use it until it eventually becomes a familiar comfort smell after some time.

Can I apply Tamanu oil on my face?

Yes, natural Tamanu oil can be used on your face as a moisturizer. It can be mixed with Aloe Vera gel for better results. They help in purifying and radiating your skin. 

Is tamanu oil safe to use on my skin if I have a tree nut/peanut allergy?

If you have any tree/nut oil allergies, it is better to avoid them. There are many different options available that are both natural and versatile. It's better to avoid than to risk your life. 

Where to buy pure Tamanu oil?

You can buy pure tamanu oil for dandruff from Moksha. You can shop for pure tamanu oil online in india on their website and they will deliver the products to you. Their products are backed by certifications and all oils are tested in their lab for purity and quality.

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